About the Farm

The property first became a homestead in 1946, when Mr. and Mrs. Leonard M. Scholl bought the rights to the land, however the house (which has undergone a total of 6 renovations) was not built until 1952. Some years – and owners – after the original house was completed, the main barn was erected. As the story goes, James and Margaret McCracken, the property’s 9th owners, purchased wood salvaged from the Stratford Inn’s then dismantled natatorium to build the barn.

Relatively unscathed by time, this beautiful structure still stands there today, a testament to Del Mar’s original saltwater plunge. Now fondly known as Saltwater Farm Del Mar, the property has undergone a much-needed facelift befitting the statuesque barn. Gardens, walkways, mini-barns, gazebos, and several outdoor vignettes now come together to evoke a sense of pastoral calm amidst this seaside community of Del Mar.

A Glance at the Property

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